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What are the packages and prices?
Please see our pricing HERE

What is the buildings seating capacity?
Seating capacity is 200 guests. However, due to Covid-19, to ensure proper spacing between all tables we currently are accommodating seating for 150 guests.

What dates are Available?
Please See available dates HERE

Is their a deposit? When are the additional payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?
The deposit is 10% of your total package balance. 40% of the remaining balance will be due in monthly payments with the last 50% of your balance due 30 days before your scheduled event.

How do I reserve a date?
Email us at and let us know what date you would like to reserve and which package selection you would like for your special day. We will then begin the booking process.

Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I just stop by?
We kindly request that all tours be made by appointment only. Book an appointment HERE

What is the average budget of a couple getting married at Eden Event Venue?
This is a great question! In general, we believe the average budget of a couple celebrating their wedding day at Eden Event Venue is between 12,000 -15,000 for ALL wedding expense (venue, dress, photographer, florist, etc.) We have had some creative couples with smaller guest list host beautiful weddings in the 8,000-11,000 range, and we have had several lovely events here spending significantly more than the average.

Will there be another wedding on the same day?
At Eden Event Venue we only host one wedding each day to ensure each couple’s event is special and receives our full attention.

How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?
101 Cars

What form of payment does Eden Event Venue accept?
Check, Cash, Venmo, Cash-app and Credit card (3% fee applies to all credit card transactions)

Do you include a “Wedding day Coordinator”?
Absolutely, our Venue Manager assumes the role of  your Wedding day coordinator. She will be all hands on deck with our staff to ensure flawless execution for the day of your event. Additionally,  prior to your big day we will set you up with our Event Planner who will assist in planning all in house venue details pertaining to your event. 

What type of linen is includes in the package?
Your choice of polyester ivory or black linen in addition to a color satin topper. If you wish to upgrade to a more specific style, we can connect you with our linen vendor and upgrade your linen during the planning process.

Do you have different lighting?
YES! Lighting is a beautiful way to highlight your event. We include up lighting  in all packages.

Can I bring in extra décor?
We hope you will find the space beautiful without any extra work, but Most outside décor is permitted. We do ask that you share this with the Event coordinator (we would hate for you to purchase something that happens to not be allowed in) and we ask that you keep in mind any additional décor must be removed at the completion of the event.

What party favors am I allowed to bring in?
Get Creative! Most party favors are allowed in the building. We do not allow, sparklers, firecrackers, loose confetti of any kind, party poppers of any kind, and silly string.

What type of items do clients need to bring in for their day?
We see a lot of our clients bring in the customized touches for their big day such as flutes for toasting, special cutlery for cake cutting, card box, sign in book, special wedding pictures in large frames, thank you favors for tables & a customized seating chart.

Will I be able to taste the Food?
Absolutely, we offer a free consultation and tasting for your dinner selection with our contracted chef. All dinner selections are offered as a formal service.

Will I be able to taste and pick my Cake design?
Of Course, we will set you up with a one on one consultation with our Cake designer to go over all your details.

Are outside Vendors allowed?
Most vendors are built into our packages already to eliminate any extra work for our clients. Any additional vendors you would like to include for your big day at your cost, are definitely welcome. However, to ensure we don’t have any hiccups, all outside Vendor information must be provided to the Event Coordinator, and all outside vendors must follow our in-house setup and and break down rules and times.

Which Outside Vendors are allowed?
Florist, Photographer, Dessert tables, Wedding officiants, Choreographers, Live Music-(Must be approved by Janine) Balloon arch, & Additional Cake Vendors are always welcome to join in the big day.

What does the Bar Service and set up Include?
It will include a contracted TABC certified bartender(s), cups, shot glasses, straws, napkins, ice, all popular mixers(Coke, Sprite, Club soda, Squirt, Pineapple juice, Cranberry juice, margarita mix-non alcoholic, sweet and sour mix, & orange juice), fruit garnishes, & salt garnishes. Eden does not provide any liquor, beer, or wine. Clients are able to bring their own alcohol at no additional cost. (Please note, all alcohol must be served and dispensed by a certified bartender, and must remain behind the bar for the duration of the event.)

What does the Coffee and Soda Bar Service Include?
It will include an unlimited selection of sodas, tea, water and coffee with all cups, Ice and coffee condiments provided. 

Can we have our Ceremony in the Venue?
Absolutely! Eden does offer a few options for your Wedding Ceremony. You may add this addition to our Lantern package and choose between the options of hosting your Ceremony with in the 6 hour package time frame, or adding an additional hour for your Ceremony followed by a cocktail hour. In, addition our Garden-in love package does already include an intimate wedding ceremony followed by dinner reception for no additional cost. 

If we choose to have our Ceremony at Eden, will Eden provide a Wedding Officiant?
90% of the time our Clients have already pre-selected their wedding officiant prior to their Venue selection. We understand it is a very personal choice, and many couples may have certain traditions they would like to have included in their ceremony. For this reason, Eden does not provide a wedding officiant, but we do include a list of references for our Couples who may need it.

Does Eden have a private Bridal Suite?
We do have a beautifully draped area that may be used during the event at a private area for our couples. We do recommended hair & make up is scheduled off site. 

If you have a question that we didn’t answer, Please email us at We will be happy to assist you.

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