Are you an Event planning Virgin?!

Okay you’re probably thinking what the heck is an event planning virgin? Well it’s a funny but very real term we like to use for “First time planners”.

One BIG mistake people make is having a DIY mentality when planning their wedding when they’ve never planned an event in their life. What?! How can you allow yourself to stress over the one special day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl?
Well it happens, and happens too frequently. Yes. You may find it less expensive to get family members to do your food or your best friend to handle your decor but what is the value of organizing that?!!!! No value at all. That’s just taking them away from the day.

Let’s be honest, do you really want your friends and family and possibly YOU worrying about event planning instead of enjoying the day together? Doesn’t a day planned of pampering while sipping mimosas sound better?

There’s so much behind the scenes you may not think of such as making sure your food is hot and ready to be served to your guests , making sure your venue is set and ready and all vendors have done there job BEFORE you arrive. What about the order of your events that will be taking place that evening, such as your specialty songs, cake cutting, slideshow and projector shows? We’re pretty sure you don’t want to be checking the time during your wedding and trying to figure out what time to cut your cake or what time to do your toast. We can go on and on. The truth is , people don’t realize the work put into planning an event and making sure their day is executed flawlessly. They stress before the event, day of the event and somehow they’re still trying to put it together which results into missing the perfect link.

Event planning starts with creating a vision, turning it into a plan and bringing it to life to help keep you on target throughout the event planning process.

Remember there’s nothing wrong with allowing the experts to take over. After all YOU deserve to have a perfect stress free day, so when you’re ready to book let the experts handle everything you need from food, cake, decor and much more for your special day. Making that extra expense is just the type of investment that’s worth making.

-Eden Event Venue

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