Eden was designed with the heart of a girl in love with true love

About Eden Event Venue

We knew without a doubt Eden was made for amazing things, but never in our wildest thoughts did we think we would have a popular Wedding & Event Venue all within the first few years! It all happened one evening when a spark of inspiration came over us. We quickly realized the seed was planted and something special would be created. Although we were not familiar with the Wedding & Event industry, we were confident that the unique talents of people on our team would be able to drive the vision and create Eden Event Venue to what it is today.

A Little Back Story

Janine (owner) knew from early on that she was in love with marriage. She was blessed to have parents who shared over 30 years of marriage and displayed a strong foundation of love. She was raised in a religion that had great teachings and taught her the value of a true marriage. She realized just how much she was in love with true love. When two people have a genuine interest to build a life together in a way that makes them ONE, and it is built on love, trust and respect – it is just the most beautiful thing. It is a tradition that should be celebrated forever and ever! So after 13 years in the restaurant industry, she sought out to create and design a pretty place where couples could share their special day.

Eden’s Venue Manager, Heather, joined the venture from the very start and handles all event planning and event details for all of our families’ events. She is the most kind-hearted, loving person, with an absolute genuine interest in people. Not to mention she is extremely savvy on our social platforms and the most creative person that can tackle any tedious project!

Janine’s Dad, Ray, raised a house of 4 girls. Ray never let his girls get away with getting something for nothing. They had to earn everything they wanted. Thankfully this gave his girls a very strong work ethic. Because of this experience, we are committed to paying this teaching forward to our team. When Dad is not working, he is handling all the maintenance projects at the Venue, and you might catch him greeting your guest at the start of your event!

Eden’s name and design came from “The Garden of Eden” which means “Delight” also know as a Utopia – an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. On this special day , we hope you experience your “Utopia” .

Eden Event Venue was designed with the heart of a girl in love with true love. Even more, Eden is ran by an entire team who share that same passion, and we adore playing a small part in the BIG day of our couples and families. We are a group built of family and friends and we host weddings and events because we genuinely love to. We believe its important for our couples and families to know why we do what we do. Since we opened in 2018, the Venue has grown into something we never imagined. We’ve listened to our Clients and have done our best to make improvements each year to better serve our couples and families.